Welcome to Freshtaste360. We help you take care of everything in-between "wanting a good meal" and "eating a good meal". We also manage entire events - including planning and setup, or we can just provide the food. Our services are designed to meet your specific needs.

Professional Service

From our kitchen to your kitchen, your office, home, your school and event, our staff strives to exceed expectations in service, quality, and reliability.

Fresh Recipe & Ingredients

We put food quality at the heart of all we do - with fresh, healthy, nutritious ingredients at the core of our business from day one.

Delicious Meal

Our healthy meals are delicious and are prepared from scratch to finish, to deliver the same value as meals you cook at home.

Catering Services


Food Concierge

Fresh Yoghurt



Busy Individuals


All forms of tasty dishes (desert, breakfast, lunch, dinner)